Kitchen Tea Icebreaker Ideas
Author: Kitchen Tea Ideas    Date Published: 20 November 2016

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Wedding Pictionary

Prepare cards with wedding related words beforehand, divide the guests into groups, get the bride to draw the items on a whiteboard. The group who guessed most right can win a prize.

Bridal Trivia

The bridesmaid has to prepare a few questions about the couple and the guest who can answer the most will win a pamper product. Great if you are using a Pamper Party theme for the kitchen tea.

Two truths and a lie

You can play 2 truths and a lie and every time you are caught out you will get punished. Each guest has to say 3 facts about themselves – 2 must be true and 1 must be a lie. The others have to guess which one is the lie. If they guess right, you will receive ‘punishment’. Great for bachelorette parties!

Weigh In To Win

Have a scale on a table and when the guests arrive they have to weigh in their handbag. You can give prizes for the biggest, heaviest, smallest, lightest and brightest handbag. This ice breaker will work well with a Chef’s Choice Kitchen Tea.

Marriage Advice

Make a list of problems married couples may encounter before the kitchen tea. Pair the guests in groups of two or three, give each group a problem. Give them enough time to come up with a possible solution. Throw all the problems into one box and all the solutions into one box. Ask the bride-to-be to draw a problem and ask each guest to draw a random solution.

Toilet Roll Dress

A great ice breaker for a Dress-up kitchen tea is to divide the guests into groups and ask them to design and make a dress with toilet paper. Give them 30 minutes to finish the dress (remember to give tape, staplers and glue). The bride-to-be has to wear the winning dress, and they can win a bottle of wine.

Word Association

Read out a list of wedding related words and ask each guest to write down the first word that comes to mind. The person who has the most matches with the bride is the winner and can receive a small gift. This will work well with a High Tea kitchen tea.

Mary Poppins Handbag

Perfect for a Linen kitchen tea, you have to ask who has a funny item in her handbag. The person who has that item can win a small prize. For example:” Who has a screwdriver, torch, tape measure etc. in her handbag?”


Divide guests into groups and ask the bride-to-be to act out wedding related words, activities, movies etc. The group who can guess most questions wins a bottle of wine. This is a great icebreaker for a Lingerie Party.

Show and Tell

Ask all the married ladies to bring their wedding albums. See how styles and traditions have changed over time. Choose a month and ask whose wedding anniversary is in that month – the guest can win a small gift.



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