Kitchen Tea Activity Ideas
Author: Kitchen Tea Ideas    Date Published: 21 November 2012

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Groom Trivia

Prepare a few questions about the fiancé (his favourite colour, movie, food, where he was born, where did he go to high school etc.) He has to answer them before the kitchen tea. Ask the bride to answer the same questions, if she gets it wrong, she has to be ‘punished’. You can ask the guests for different ways to punish her. This activity will work well with a Traditional Kitchen Tea.

Wedding Charades

Prepare index cards with wedding related words or activities on. Divide the guests into groups and ask the bride to act out the words or activities. The group who gets the most right can win a prize (bottle of wine).

Toilet Roll Dress

Divide the guests into groups and give them 3 rolls of toilet paper. They have to design a wedding dress for the bride-to-be. Each team has to choose one person to model the dress. The winning team can receive a prize (bottle of wine) and the bride has to wear the winning dress for the rest of the party. Remember to have enough tape, staples glue etc.

Marriage Advice

Play the advice game where you prepare common marital problems. Give each guest a problem and ask them to think of a solution. Gather all problems in a box and all solutions in a box. Ask the bride to choose a problem and choose a random solution. This activity will work well at a Cocktail Themed Kitchen Tea.

Drink or Dare

Make your own board-game, it has to be round with and arrow in the middle. Divide the circle in three parts; the inner circle says who has to do the dare (the bride, you, everyone, bride’s choice etc), the middle circle has the dare (buy a guy a drink, dance on the table, give your number to a stranger etc), the outer circle has the drink if you don’t want to do the dare (drink one shot Tequila, down your glass, take a shot of water, drink a beer etc)

Show and Tell

You can ask all the married ladies to bring their wedding albums. See how styles and traditions have changed over time. Choose a month and ask whose wedding anniversary is in that month – the guest can win a small gift. This is a great activity for a Victorian Themed Kitchen Tea.

Bridal Scramble

Prepare a list of scrambled wedding related words for each guest. Give them 2 minutes and see who can unscramble the most. She can win a prize. This is also great for a Kitchen Tea icebreaker.

Mary Poppins Handbag

Prepare a list of random items before the Kitchen tea. Once everyone is settled, start playing. Example questions: Who has a screwdriver/torch/measuring tape in her handbag? You can give small prizes to the guest who has the item in her handbag.

Guess Who?

Each guest attaches a photograph of her younger self to her gift. The bride must guess who the gift is from. If she guesses correctly she wins a prize, but if she guesses wrong, she wins a ‘nasty surprise’.



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