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Author: Kitchen Tea Ideas    Date Published: 04 November 2012

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Kitchen Tea Lingerie Party

A lingerie party is great if the wedding guests are young and all know each other. You can buy the bride to be a sexy outfit she has to wear and ask her questions about her husband. If she gets one wrong, the guests can dare her to pretend she is doing something sexy for her husband.

Should you keep it a Surprise or not?

Most people will love the idea of a surprise party organized specially for them, but if the bride-to-be doesn’t like surprises, it is another story. Remember it is her day, so try to spoil her with things she would like. You can decide if you want to tell the bride the date and keep the details secret, or if you want to keep the whole kitchen tea secret.

Who should you invite to the Kitchen Tea?

It is very awkward to be invited to the kitchen tea, but not the wedding! As a bridesmaid, you can get access to the guest list before the time and send email invitations to everyone. Try to find a location that is convenient for most guests and ask them to bring something sexy for entrance to the party.

Ice Breaker Ideas for a Lingerie Party

Everyone at the kitchen tea will not always know one another, it is thus very important to put them at ease early on. A great ice breaker for a lingerie party is Charades. Divide guests into groups and ask the bride-to-be to act out wedding related words, activities, movies etc. The group who answered most questions can win a bottle of wine.

Activities for a Lingerie Party

Prepare a list of questions about the groom (he already provided you with answers) and ask the bride-to-be to answer them. If her answer is wrong she has to perform a dance or other sexy activity. You can hire a professional belly dancer to do a demonstration and teach everyone some moves.

Gift Ideas for a Lingerie Party

Obtain the bride’s dress size and send it with the invitations. Everyone can bring a sexy lingerie item for ‘entrance’. Gift ideas for a lingerie party includes a voucher at a lingerie shop, massage oil from The Body Shop, chocolate body paint or fun games.

Decoration Ideas for a Lingerie Party

A lingerie party is mostly for close friends so it can be held in a private hotel room at night. You can decorate with black, silver and any bright colour. A light meal like finger food and cocktails will be setting the right atmosphere for a night of fun.



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