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Author: Kitchen Tea Ideas    Date Published: 02 September 2017

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Kitchen Tea Linen Party

If the wedding is traditional with a lot of family, you can hold a Linen Party for the Kitchen Tea. All guests can bring luxury sheets, towels and other linen as gifts. You can arrange with an interior decorator to have a demonstration and tips for colour-coding, which type of material to use etc.

Should you keep it a Surprise or not?

A Kitchen Tea is a chance for friends and family to treat the bride-to-be one last time. Depending on the bride, you can decide if you want to tell the bride the date of the linen party and keep the details secret, or if you want to keep the whole kitchen tea secret.

Who should you invite to the Kitchen Tea?

It is very awkward to be invited to the kitchen tea, but not the wedding! As a bridesmaid, you can get access to the guest list before the time and send email invitations to everyone. Try to find a location that is convenient for most guests and ask them to bring something special for entrance to the party.

Ice Breaker Ideas for a Linen Party

Everyone at the kitchen tea will not always know one another, it is thus very important to put them at ease early on. A perfect ice breaker for a linen party is “Mary Poppins Handbag”.  Ask for funny items, and the person who has that in her handbag can win a small prize. For example:” Who has a screwdriver, torch, tape measure etc. in her handbag?”

Activities for a Linen Party

Divide the guests into groups and give them 3 rolls of toilet paper. They have to design a wedding dress for the bride-to-be. She has to wear the winning dress for the rest of the party. You can get an interior decorator to give a demonstration on colours, materials, decorating tips etc.

Gift Ideas for a Linen Party

Ask guests to spend a little extra on quality sheets, bedding, towels and kitchen linen. This is a great idea if you know the bride-to-be already has everything she needs. You can even buy some linen refresher, room freshener or mist and oils.

Decoration Ideas for a Linen Party

A linen party is mostly for a more traditional setting where aunts and family member will attend. A linen party is great for mid-morning. You could serve a light lunch like sandwiches, pastries and finger platters with champagne, juice and light beverages.



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