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Author: Kitchen Tea Ideas    Date Published: 16 June 2017

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Kitchen Tea Party Cooking Classes

A Chef’s Choice party is great if the wedding has a more traditional feel and you have to cater from niece to grandma. This is a good idea if the bride-to-be is not very comfortable in the kitchen. You can arrange for a chef to give a demonstration for starters, mains and dessert. Each guest can bring a recipe, bind everything into one book.

Should you keep it a Surprise or not?

This depends on the bride, if she loves surprises and to feel special, keep it a secret. But if she doesn’t like to be surprised, tell her the date of the kitchen tea but leave out the details. Ask the fiancé to play along and make up a story of how to get her there.

Who should you invite to the Kitchen Tea?

It is very awkward to be invited to the kitchen tea, but not the wedding! You can ask the groom for a guest list and email them the invitation. Or if you would like to be more traditional, post them the invitation but be sure to give enough notice. If the guests live far away and can’t make the kitchen tea, don’t invite people who are not invited to the wedding!

Ice Breaker Ideas for a Chef’s Choice Party

Everyone at the kitchen tea will not always know one another, it is thus very important to put them at ease early on. A great ice breaker for a Chef’s Choice kitchen tea is to have a scale on a table and when the guests arrive they have to weigh in their handbag. You can give prizes for the biggest, heaviest, smallest, lightest and brightest handbag.

Activities for a Chef’s Choice Party

You can arrange for a professional chef (or a student studying to become a chef) to host the Chef’s Choice party. The chef can give a demonstration for a starter, a main and a dessert. You can book a waffle, smoothie, juice, sushi or other ‘bar’ from Bar Motion.

Gift Ideas for a Chef’s Choice Party

This kitchen tea idea is great if the couple is starting their first home together and doesn’t have a lot of kitchen appliances. Guests can bring a recipe for entrance and as a gift bring one of the ingredients; you could ask guests to put money together and buy coffee machine or other special appliance.

Decoration Ideas for a Chef’s Choice Party

The Chef’s Choice kitchen tea will work well for midday. You can ask the chef to prepare bite-size treats of the food in his demonstration. Decorate with bright colours and serve light alcoholic drinks or juice.



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